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Its already counted as an official language of concours fpt psychologue 94 countries.
With his help, I finally landed an ideal job in finance.
I have to say that I have learned more about accurate American English pronunciation than with any other teacher.
Kalina Dimitra Actress, NYC Te-Yi Chen Graduate Student -Columbia University I am a second year graduate student at Columbia University.He has been very generous with his time and never been strict with sessions that went over our allotted schedule.Isbn:, category: Education, page: 54, view: 556.I highly recommend his training system and his mp3 course as well.Youll be able to start implementing these practical tips and others will stand up and take notice immediately.Charles is highly proficient and extensively experienced in accent reduction.Thanks to Charles, I have virtually eliminated my Russian/Israeli accent. .My industry friends and colleagues have seen huge improvements within just a couple of months.

Charles taught me that losing an accent is possible by intensive practice.
Set in a classroom atmosphere, Author Judy Young guides you through all of the exercises so that you can see and hear how the sounds are correctly made.
This book is essential for you to break through and not only improving your spoken skills but developing them so well that you can communicate with others efficiently.
After drilling all the sounds, he taught me how the melody of American speech works. .Speakers of Latin languages will find this concise program a constant revelation, and will quickly improve their American Accent.I recommended him to all my accent-challenged friends!He always tries to make himself available for me and to help me above and beyond of what is required of him.My American accent has certainly improved with only a few months of help!Thanks Charles for everything!

Charles, thanks so much.