The quality is so poor that it would not be listed here were it not for the fact that its presence on the image database of an international picture library makes it possible that it will appear, misleadingly, as a book illustration.
As an aside, it is interesting that this declared fake still fetched 2,640 (4,575).
The chart itself contained little evidence of the precise locality represented, appeared to be somewhere in the China promo du mardi kfc Sea.
The mirror was presented to Prince Philip in 1955 and returned by him in 2001 to the heirs of the person who made the original presentation.Forgery has scroll down instead." I recall (in the 1990s?) seeing a map from the Ulm Ptolemy (I think the World) which was particularly interesting because it reproduced a blemish found only in the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum facsimile edition (1963.e.Majority opinion supports the fake thesis, but it still has a handful of supporters.nécessaire de l'approvisionnement des restaurants de McDonald's.The earliest is Burden.Le responsable de traitement est ITM alimentaire international, située 24 rue Auguste Chabrière 75015 paris.Claims were made that it is a fake but these have been discounted.Palmer's original charts with the mirror etc.A few years after Palmer's death his set of charts (or possibly the copies in a 20th century hand mentioned above) were sold to a Canadian syndicate and it seems that these are still in Canada and do occasionally surface.Lenseigne a mis en place le tri sélectif depuis de nombreuses années dans des pays voisins (en Belgique, aux Pays-Bas, en Allemagne, en Autriche.illustrated by Burden.These were presumably taken from other early maps but are, as usual, much enlarged, so as to unbalance the original composition.

Sur environ 1300 restaurants McDonalds en France, 80 appartiennent à des franchisés qui sont au nombre de 300.
Daniel Derveaux was a well-respected French artist and illustrator, working in St Malo from at least 1933.
L'entreprise est régulièrement la cible de critiques quant à la qualité diététique de ses produits, ses pratiques environnementales et sa pratique de l'optimisation fiscale.
Please notify me if you find a better online scan.I am grateful to Daniel Strebe for drawing this to my attention.A scan of the 1640 version can be seen courtesy of Barry Ruderman.Marcel van den Broecke to MapHist : "About two years ago I reported a similar case on Maphist concerning Ortelius' third plate of the Americas.There is no sign of the original platemark.They were: Robert Thorne, tribune de genève concours 'Orbis Universalis Descriptio from Richard Hakluyt's Divers voyages (1582).Le, un homme de 41 ans, James Huberty, rentre dans un établissement McDonald's à San Ysidro, Californie, avec une arme à feu ; il tue 21 personnes et en blesse 19 autres.En France, le CA s'élève de 7,5 à 4,19 milliards d'euros (d'environ 5 à base comparable).Since the later issues of The Map Collector were not indexed, the following was not previously cited: Michael Layland, 'Geographical clues to suspect maps and Gregory.