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School Swimsuit : cadeau de bienvenue yves rocher 27 80 In the Japanese version, Sigma's swimsuit obsession is actually a school swimsuit obsession.
Involving Sigma's true appearance: The cover art has one of Sigma's eyes glowing and his hair looking code reduction special the oddly gray: One of Phi's first lines in the game is "Just back off, grandpa!" When Sigma tells Phi he's 22 years old, Phi shoots back "You must.
Ontological Mystery : As before, nine strangers are dumped in a series of puzzle rooms for no apparent purpose, in a game that could very well kill them all.
Neither Quark nor K is shown droit civil concours rédacteur territorial deceased, though both would likely die from the penalty after not entering a Chromatic Door.Parodied in the gaulem Bay.Sigma : In '29?The cover is spoiling the game without you even knowing it!"Two Klim men." When Dio asks about the second way to remove the bracelets, Zero replies "I think you already know" in a sinister voice.What actually happened is that Akane hacked Bomb #01 and changed its password, which is how Zero.The Phi betrayal, for many players, happens only after they see Phi betray them when Sigma votes ally, and ends soon after with Sigma being knocked out by K and likely kept where he won't be able to escape the game anyway.In fact, following her path is the only way to get the true ending, and requires all the other endings first.Until Sigma suddenly "remembers" that the Laboratory has an IG Replicator that can replicate Immunoglobin, which in turn can be used to manufacture a second dose of Axelavir so you can save both Alice and Quark.

The achievements for clearing the locks to expose who planted them are "Who Set Up Us The Bomb", Part 1 and Part.
Even Sigma is utterly baffled by being forced to select "Betray".
Everyone other than the player and Sigma are aware of this, although only Luna and K know the significance of this.
We can jump through parallel worlds!Shout-Out : Calling the number 5309 on the Crew Quarter's phone connects you to a girl named Jenny, in a reference to the 1981 Tommy Touone singe / Jenny.Alice chosing "betray" even though she should be unconscious.The file on Soporil ß mentions that "high usage can lead to side effects including memory loss ".Open/close all folders Tropes # to C 20 Minutes into the Future : The game opens in 2028 and involves issues of nuclear and biological warfare that feature heavily in 21st-century fiction.Tenmyouji : Well, now someone's just being a smartass.A message from Zero.

A Schrödinger's Cat book is found early on in the game.