Camshaft Upgrade / Chain Tensioner Replacement.
Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-04) - 987 Boxster (2005-08) Das Shield Protector The Das Schild protector is a 30-minute install, and protects your front and rear trunks from items that are floating around in there.
Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-04) - 987 Boxster (2005-08) Superchargers / Turbo Chargers Got questions about forced induction?
Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-04) - 987 Boxster (2005-08) Convertible Top Repair If your convertible top is stuck up or down, the mechanism needs repair.Cooling System Coolant Replacement / Coolant Flush Check it out - Wayne explains more than you ever wanted to know about your cooling system, why you need to maintain it regularly, and how to change that pesky cadeau yves rocher anniversaire 2017 coolant.GT3 Center Console Upgrade If you're really tall like Wayne, you might want to upgrade to the GT3 center console, which will give you a lot more legroom when driving.Well, if they're broken, then you might as well replace them with something that looks a little better too! .Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-01).But where should you place the jack, and what is the safest method of lifting it? .Every time you open the door, it moves the window.It is always active up to 6 mph, during which time it contributes an extra 7 horsepower and 41 lb-ft of its own.

Boxster Engine Removal, everything that you need in order to remove your.
Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-04) - 987 Boxster (2005-08) Wheel Bearing Replacement The Pelican site has never had a good wheel bearing replacement article until quel cadeau de noel pour son copain now.
Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-04) - 987 Boxster (2005-08) Personal Touches Wayne's been all over the California coast photographing unique Boxsters.Jared and Wayne teamed up to provide detailed instructions for the Boxster show how to upgrade to the newer style glass window roofs.Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-04) - 987 Boxster (2005-08) Modifying oxyo pneu reduction the Boxster On Board Computer Yoseif Whiteman has figured out how to activate your Boxster computer, that is normally disabled by the factory (expensive option to turn on).Porsche Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions Here is some expert advice and information on the early Air Conditioning systems installed in Porsches, as well as some history of the aftermarket units.Starter System Troubleshooting Here's a great guest article by James.Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) Paul Lighthill offers a very comprehensive guide to the pre-purchase inspection of your new Porsche.Wayne shows you where all of the hidden fasteners lie.Don't be - we have all the info you need, including your pre-flight safety check!Replacement can be tricky, but using the instructions here can be done in an extended afternoon.Applies to: 986 Boxster (1997-04) Oxygen Sensor Replacement Almost all cars eventually need new oxygen sensors at one time or another.

This document explains the differences, and the formulations, and why which one is best for your car.
Rice's Ramblings, Part II Lee Rices offers tech tips and suggestions on emergency breakdown kits, replacing the 911 fan belt, and stopping squealing disc brakes.
Most common tasks need the car to be jacked up in the air. .