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You will be asked to choose a mode.
Your reward will vary from 700 to 1500 VC depending on what your performance was during the bon reduction flixbus mai 2018 course of the game.
Stop the simulation just before the game ends and select Play Game - Jump.The weekly in-game NBA 2KTV interactive episodes are also a great way to earn money.We found an easy way to grind for VC in NBA 2K18 outside of MyCareer.The most underrated and slept on place to earn VC is in 2KTV.How to get vc in 2k18.Corey TV, il y a 8 mois, ultimate NBA 2K18 VC secrets!KingFrench, il y a an, hOW TO make oveillion VC IN NBA2K18 without having TO BUY IT!Home, guides, sports, nBA 2K18, all the info on NBA 2K18, 2Ks upcoming iteration of its blockbuster sports sim.How to Farm VC in NBA 2K18.Should you need anything else.But there's now NBA 2K19 on the horizon, and 2K has just released the first few details about the upcoming iteration of the basketball sim.VC is used for purchasing apparel, getting a new haircut in MyCareer, upgrading the stats of your player, purchasing MyTeam packs, and more. .

Go to MyLeague and simulate matches in real time with Simcast.
Theres also a machine where you can bet on three match ups, and youll earn 25 VC for each correct pick.
You can earn Fast VC and use that currency to get items and upgrade your players as well.Exit MyLeague and load it again from the menu.Simply answer a few questions to earn around 500 VC as well as various rewards, such as cards for MyTeam.Youll earn a certain amount of VC depending on your player performance; however, there are no more VC multipliers for completing a match on a higher difficulty setting.Badgeplug, il y a 7 mois, aDD ME ON: twitter: m/badgeplug xbox: badgeplugyt PSN: BadgePlugYT hit sports up to get badges nbsp;.Get all the vc nba 2k18 was holding from you!