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Brett, the main entrance of this office building in McMinnville, Ore., is barely visible from the sidewalk.
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Courtyard housing was popular for decades before the advent of modern zoning codes.
Available Funds: N/A, total Allocation: N/A, projects located in Downtown Bakersfield are eligible for potential reductions of up to 50 of normally required off-street parking for projects meeting certain criteria.And this one nearby.Planners in Kirkland ended up adopting many of the standards used in this community in a citywide ordinance.The state of your car will be checked for you by video.We collect your car there and we bring it back to you at the same spot when you get back!Now, developers must contend with building heights, setbacks for buildings, and parking regulations all of which make it harder to develop affordable housing projects.It sits just down the road from a cluster of dingbat buildings apartment complexes supported on stilts with open carports on the ground level.We do our job well and in addition, we do it with all our!Zoning codes apply a general parking ratio across the landscape, with little regard for market conditions, transit opportunities, and the demographic makeup of neighborhoods.Derek Severson, in Western Oregon, a mixed-use developed community called Fairview Village (below) has a Target store as its retail anchor.

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Unlike more traditional row- or townhouse developments in other cities, which have a welcoming pedestrian entrance off the sidewalk, usually with stairs and a front concours deco noel porch or stoop, like these ones in Brooklyn Matthew Rutledge many of the new Seattle townhouses, like the two pictured.
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