The way Chow Lee can see McGarrett departing on the promo de super u plane from a phone booth at the Honolulu airport which is sticking up in the middle of nowhere is peculiar.
(And how did they know that Jalor would die?) The whole frame-up with Hallbrook seems far too complicated, considering what will come in part two of the show.
The invoices show Tiki Gods' address as 15 Kakaako Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96802 and are dated August 23, 1971.In Switzerland, McGarrett (or so it seems) picks up the contents of the bank account, but this is actually a double played by a British double agent, Luther Hallbrook (Jack Lord, voiced by Paul Frees).Instead, Heron starts to feel Ryan up, suggesting he will part with some of his money for a homosexual tryst.At the end, the doctor wants to talk to his lawyer.There are numerous stock sequences: McGarrett runs down the steps of the palace by tourists, McGarrett walks across the Governor's courtyard, various shots of cops driving around.McGarrett screams at the sleazy nightclub owner (played by Robert Luck) who is trying to avoid telling the truth.Another suspect is a high school shop teacher and football coach Akua Nolo, played by Nephi Hanneman, who admits to sending letters and petitions to Congressmen about environmental issues.Kamekona" in the show itself.Journalist Eddie Sherman appears as himself and helps McGarrett figure out some of the clues which Cameron keeps dropping.

At the beginning, the commander of the soldier whose wife is the first to get murdered says, "Did you tell them dirty old dinks meaning Vietnamese about our boy Syzmanski?" and later on, Ralston tells a Marine recruiter, "Shove it, Tinker Bell." When Danno.
McGarrett arrives at her hotel room and has the place surrounded with cops.
But when Harper has to perform the deed, he can't go through with it, so the doctor does it himself, though Harper flees with the wife's jewelery, to make it look like a robbery.Vogler has been injected with some drug like sodium pentothal to make him talk freely.Five-O determines that Nolo, the shop teacher, is most likely the environmental crusader, but lacking enough evidence, they convince Senator Patterson, who has been fighting for ecological walking dead season 7 promo causes, to be the bait for a trap.They turn out to refer to a Swiss bank account (number 550-Z-695)which contains over two million dollars.It takes only 26 seconds to produce this, though two people go into and out of the ubiquitous elevator to get.